Sunday, May 24, 2009

Still lacking in posts. I am in the final thesis push to complete my first draft and really lacking creative energy. I am also thinking of switching the direction of this blog. I started it during the OC Transpo transit strike here in Ottawa, which had wide reaching implications for even those of us in the city who don't take transit. Gridlock was unbelievable, snow removal wasn't happening (for unrelated reasons), cylists were abused by angry drivers looking for an easy target. I was frustrated a lot and wanted to vent. The thing is though that I am in love with the cycle chic movement and want to get away from the urban warrior concept of cycling. Be a person who rides a bike, not a cyclist. Judging by my previous posts, I enjoy focusing on local content and focus on being a female cyclist. I'm not sure what I will do, but I will definately have more time to plan and get creative once I am done writing. I definitely want to include more photos too.

Way more important than any of that self-indulgence is the fact that Sarah from Girls and Bicycles has had her water break and may be going into labour as I write this! We have never interacted, but her blog is one of my favourites and always inspiring. If she can cycle through the winter, while pregnant in Edmonton, I think I can handle Ottawa. I can only hope to look half as stylish as she does! What a lucky baby. Chauffeured around in style on a Pashley in the womb and well on the way to riding in a cargo bike or other baby friendly set up soon.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Urban Warrior Cycling Uniform

I don't know why, but I absolutely love seeing women cycling in hijab. I think it is because it is the greatest challenge to to the urban warrior bike culture that predominates in North America. I get enough comments when people see me riding in skirts and heels, I can only imagine what the reaction hijabi get when people see them on a bike. Most hijabi in Ottawa wear modest western dress with a headscarf, although I occasionally see a niqab. I think it would still be possible to wear one while riding a bike, as long as it had a step-through frame and substantial chain cover and skirt guard. I read once on Frum Satire that riding a bike in tzitzit can be difficult for observant Jews who want to partake in modern activities, including a riding a bike. His solution was riding faster in order to let the tzitziyot billow out behind the rider, which seems like a sensible solution for any long or loose manner of dress.