Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Beer Ad Promots Cycling

I was really happy to see this ad posted on Streetsblog. It depicts cycling as not only normal, but patriotic! Not owning a car is often associated with poverty and desperation. It is tolerable for a time, such as with students, but grown ups drive cars. Conversely, if a cyclist is depicted in the media, he or she can also be a pompous, yuppie, weekend warrior. A spandex-clad flake channeling disposable income into silly pursuits meant to show off their wealth. Commuter cycling is also seen by many, at least those I talk to, as unattainable, as if a potential cyclist has to be in amazing shape to be able to ride. This video depicts a cyclist who is not young or outwardly health conscious, has not special gear, and is even riding in the snow! While I would recommend snow tires in areas with poor ploughing or large snowfalls, I love the idea that anyone can hop on a bike to run a simple errand. The ad shows that spandex, carbohydrate gels, shoe clips and all the gear aimed at professional or competitive cyclists, while nice, are simply not necessary for a run to the store.

One day I will share the story of the dumpstered bike that I ride every day. Maybe with photos.

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