Friday, December 26, 2008

So I used to have a 15 minute commute. Then the city decided to cut back on snow removal costs (thanks Conservatives! I am sure your supporters are satisfied not to have to pay more taxes for things that only benefit decadent city folk, like being able to leave your home) and it crept closer to 25 minutes because I can't cycle past traffic jams quite as effectively when the lanes are narrowed. It just took me 47 minutes door to door. Well, desk to desk and that counts unlocking my bike at one end and carrying it upstairs on the other. The gridlock was so bad. It was actual gridlock, with people attempting to beat the red light and getting stuck in the intersection. The STO buses and general motorists were even more vicious at narrowly missing pedestrians while turning right on the red than usual. Never mind that silly pedestrian advance light. I hauled my bike over the snow banks separated the sidewalk from the lane a few times in order to cross as a pedestrian, because that was faster than waiting for the traffic jams to clear. I thought every one who could was taking this week off. The ride in this morning at 7:45 was pretty good. I guess people are shopping now.

The fact that it is -25C with windchill did not improve my mood. Time to head back out into the cold so I can get the kitties their non-denominational winter holiday gift (they are from mixed religious backgrounds).

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